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Rodan and Fields is a rising network marketing company. Since it launched in 2008, the growth has been impressive and on track to break sales records. But what does this mean to a new distributor ? The company seems solid and backed by two well-known Stanford dermatologists: Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields – the creators of Proactiv.

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There are numerous training and support from corporate as well as field training and multiple live business opportunities/seminars for consultants and guests. My only concern is in the business opportunity itself and the high-end prices. I talked to several consultants during my research and there seems to be a big emphasis on ‘leading the business with the business opportunity first’ rather than selling the products to customers. Looking to join Rodan and Fields?
With that said, if you are planning on hosting home parties, and demonstrating products then having these product lines available for your guests to sample wouldn’t be a bad idea. As for the products… they are pricey. I’ve used Proactiv a few times with success and they costs around $19.99. The new acne line Unblemish is a whopping $160 for four products. And yes, they are from the same creators, however the new line has some slight changes to them.
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That’s not to say you can’t convince people to buy the products. But since there are no samples to try before you buy, I’m not a likely customer to cough up $160 plus shipping to test the products. Even though there’s a guaranteed 60-days to return the products. Nevertheless, it’s an investment but more importantly, returning products is simply a pain in a (you know what I mean).
If you are serious about joining Rodan and Fields as a business builder, I would do a thorough research and contact corporate directly if something doesn’t sound right to you. Network marketing is a fantastic industry however as with any industry, a few rotten apples can ruin it for the rest of the honest folks that are building the business with integrity. More importantly, is one of many network marketing opportunities available to you.

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No company will make you rich unless you DO the work yourself. And when it comes to any business success – products don’t sell themselves. Nor can you piggyback a reputable brand such as Rodan and Fields. Your success is up to your entrepreneurial mindset and your marketing skills. Based on the name alone, Rodan and Fields is a highly recognized brand name as creators of best selling product line Proactiv. There is social proof in brand recognition so this is a plus for Rodan and Fields consultants. As a skin care company, there’s no doubt there’s credibility built around the dermatologists’ reputation as creators of the multimillion Proactiv brand.
As for the Rodan and Fields new line of acne products, it is different than the original Proactiv, from the info available on the website. As a previous sufferer of periodic acne breakouts, I would personally spend whatever is needed to clear my skin. So if using their unblemish products work, I’d say stick with it, if you can afford the price tag. They also offer other skin care products such as their flagship sun care Reverse system that is supposed to erase sun spots and sun damage skin. Try Rodan and Fields

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